Are You Diabetic? Is This Program Right For You?

The best person to answer that question is your physician. Given the 2 different types of Diabetes as well as the varying degrees of the disease itself, we strongly advise you to consult your physician and ask her/him to assess our program.

However, for those of you with Type 2 Diabetes and who need to lose weight, we feel that this program could be beneficial. In addition to potential weight loss as a result of consuming portion controlled meals, the flexibility of our menu selection system allows you to choose lower glycemic products as well as meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables. For instance, we use lower glycemic products such as whole wheat, multi grains and whole grains as well as brown rice as opposed to traditional "white" rice.

Below is the story of one of our clients who is a type 2 Diabetic and has found our program to be beneficial.

"I am an overweight man with Type 2 Diabetes. I take oral medications. Despite this, my glucose levels were rarely within my target range. My doctor and I decided that I would have to lose significant weight or consider Insulin; a sobering thought.

"As I sought a weight-loss food program, I investigated Healthy Heart Meals USA. Just as I was to start the program, I participated in a Diabetic Clinic at a local hospital. I showed the dieticians material from the Healthy Heart Meals USA website and they got onto the Internet and did some investigating themselves. While they did not endorse the plan, they did not see anything that concerned them; so I was told to try it if I wanted.

"Since beginning the program, my weight has gradually decreased. However, my glucose levels fell quickly and are now rarely outside my target range (measured as many as 7 times a day); and then usually because I went off of the program.

It was an added bonus that I enjoyed the meals and didn't feel like I was on a "Diet." While I'm not a doctor and I cannot claim that the In the Zone Meal plan is beneficial for Diabetics; it has certainly helped me. - Terry Sole

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